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Welcome to CocoMurals where you can find the wallpaper of your dreams! Change the mood and feel of any room with our fine quality mural wallpaper sand  elevate the style of your space..

If you want to change the boring look of your walls and add a little bit of spirit and color to your place, using a wallpaper as a center piece can be the answer. Wall Murals are one of the most effective decorative ideas to upgrade your space. Whether you are decorating your home or office, you can create the perfect ambiance by choosing the right wallpaper for your walls.

CocoMurals offers numerous different wall mural designs that can suit any room. You can liven up your kids’ room with fun space or animal prints, magical forest designs, rainbow colors, and flowers giving them an enjoyable space to spend time in. Or, create a serene environment in your nursery with soft prints and colors. Instead of your outdated living room decorations, you can use modern mural wallpaper on a wall with different wallpaper patters suitable to your taste. Use abstract, retro, cityscape, or landscape designs to change the mood in your living room. If you want to bring nature into your space without putting a lot of effort in, you can opt for natural and tropical patterns. Faux surface wallpaper murals can create that modern and textured effect for your walls with minimum effort and fuss. You don’t have to go through the messy process of building a brick or concrete wall to get that modern look! Mural wallpapers can also change the mood of your bedroom. You can create a cozy environment just by using a soft patterned wallpaper for walls. Even though it is not the first space that comes to mind when thinking about wallpapers, bathrooms are also perfect for some mural wallpapers. Bring the forest to your shower, use some rustic patterns, or geometric shapes to upgrade the style of your bathroom. Take a look at the 3D wallpaper murals for an amped up affect and create unique spaces. Pop art and graffiti murals can give you the original look you have been dreaming about while art wallpapers reflect your taste perfectly.

Wallpaper murals are not just for your home, they are also great for your office spaces. Geometric, abstract, faux surface or marble effect wallpaper patterns can give a calm and collected feeling to your offices, help improve the productivity of your employees, and be a treat to your customers’ eyes. Motivational quotes on mural wallpapers can help improve the spirit of your office space and reflect the culture of your company.

If you have something specific in mind and can’t find it anywhere, CocoMurals also offers personalized and unusual wallpaper murals. Just imagine what you would like to decorate your space with and let us create the perfect wallpaper mural for it. On the other hand, if you are not sure what to look for you can go through our wide range of options or visit the best sellers page for inspiration. Check out the plants & animals, city & maps, design & art, faux surface, nature & landscape, kids & children, and general CocoMurals wallpaper categories to find the best mural wallpaper for you.

Plants & Animals

Wallpaper murals in this category bring the calming atmosphere of nature and organic patterns. You can create a tropic island look to your room, inject some spring with floral patterns, peonies, and jungle theme. Don’t forget to check out fun and authentic animal wallpapers as well.

City & Maps

Want the map of your favorite city on your wall? City & maps category offers vintage or modern maps of different cities or complete world map wallpapers. If you want to reflect the adventurous personality of your child you can also take a look at the kids map wallpapers.

Design & Art

If you want to create a sophisticated or contemporary look in your room, design and art themed wallpaper murals are the ones to go for. You can choose between different patters from watercolor to abstract patterns to reflect your true style.

Faux Surface

Faux surface designs are one of the most popular decorative ideas of this decade. You can create metal, marble, tile, wood, brick, and concrete looks without spending a fortune and effort by choosing to use faux surface effect wallpaper murals.

Nature & Landscape

Liven up your room with beach, mountain, or sky themed wallpaper murals. These allpapers inspired by nature bring a fresh look to any room and makes a bold statement. You can also choose to get authentic and fun space and galaxy wallpapers that both you and your children will adore.

Kids & Children

Using mural wallpapers are a great way to spruce up a kid’s room and reflect your childrens personalities. You can choose to get boys and girls wallpapers with dinosaurs, princess, rainbow, mermaid, or cowboy patterns. Your little one will love to spend time in the room and have an energizing place.


You can find great wallpaper mural options for your more unique visions. Checkout our vehicle, 3D, sports, food and drink wallpapers for different designs. If you still can’t seem to find what you desire you can always get a personalized or unusual wallpaper mural.

If you are not looking for wallpaper murals with specific themes in mind but following a color palette you can also shop our wallpapers by color. Capture the center color you want to emphasize in your space and find the perfect mural for your style or have fun with clashing colors. It’s all up to your imagination!

We offer removable peel and stick wallpaper murals and prepasted wallpaper murals. You can choose the best option according to your needs. If you like redecorating often or you are a tenant, the removable peel and stick wallpapers can be the best option. You can easily remove the mural wallpaper without damaging the walls. Prepasted wallpapers has already applied adhesive on its back. This type of wallpapers gives great results and are easy to apply. You can get your wallpaper with a piece of mind and decorate with ease!

You can shop for your dream wallpaper mural through our website from the comfort of your home. Go on and take a look at the customer photos for inspiration and live examples of our fine quality mural wallpapers.

Shop safely with secure payment system and enjoy our fast and free delivery options! Don’t forget to follow us for sales and get the best deals on wallpaper murals!