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Standart Wall Measuring standart wall is so easy. We just..

Standart Wall

Measuring standart wall is so easy. We just need the highest and the widest part of your wall. You have to measure exact sizes. You need to measure only surface of wall excluding any skirting board or coving. Please remember to check dimensions multiple times before sending us.

Sloped Wall

Measuring sloped wall is not so confusing as it seems. We need the highest and widest part of the wall. When you measure, you should measure wall as square or rectangle because we produce wallpapers in standart shapes. When you receive your wallpaper, you can cut during installation.

Pitched Wall

Measuring pitched wall is simple same as other walls. You need to measure also the highest and widest part of the wall not considering slants. We just need to dimensions of surface as square or rectangle. Please do not forget to check double before you send dimensions us. You can cut off the wallpaper during installation.

Wall and Obstacles

Measuring wall with obstacle is easy and following same steps. In case of there is a door or window, you need to measure the highest and widest of the wall. You can cut obstacles during installation. If you want, please do not hesitate to send us a picture or sketch of your wall.

Multiple Walls

Measuring multiple wall is simple. When you measure, do need to combine sizes of two seperared wall. You do not need to consider them as seperated because they follow each other and as we can consider them one, we can print combined dimensions.