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We think you will love your wallpaper. Our expert production..

We think you will love your wallpaper. Our expert production team carry out exact quality checks on each and every strip of paper.  We do not allow our wallpapers to leave the HQ without being 100% confident that they are right for you. Because we work in trust and produce wallpapers private for our customers, we do not accept return.

In unhandled exception , if you have any problem with your items, easily contact our companionable team, and we will try our very best to come to a good resolution for you as quickly as possible.

Custom Murals/Wallpapers

If you have a problem problem with your mural, the first thing to do you need to do is contact us within 5 days from the day you receive the product; you can easily reach us via email at support@cocomurals.com

To help us fix the problem quickly and easily, we will ask you to take and send a few photos of your mural to see if it is necessary to send a courier to receive your mural. Usually, we do not need to collect the product because we can understand through the photos you sent where the problem is.

It is important to note that our murals/wallpapers are “made to measure” and made to order just for your wall, so there will be no resale value. That is why we are unable to accept returns of murals/wallpapers due to plan change, simply unwanted or once installed, as we cannot use again. After payment has been received for your custom made murals/wallpapers, you cannot cancel your order.

After the photos are examined in detail, our team will give you detailed information about the source of the problem. If CocoMurals adjudge that the problem is caused by factors out of control or caused by the customer’s or customer’s third party misuse, in this case, we cannot be liable for any losses or damages and no refunds will be given.

If it is determined that the problem is caused by a cause beyond our control, our helpful team can still advise and guide you on some practical steps you can take to try and alleviate the problem. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond for customer service and our clients.

If, after reviewing the photos, CocoMurals thinks that the problem is caused by something within our control, such as a printing error or defective product, we will be happy to accept responsibility and will do our best to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

In this case, we will be given a replacement mural soon, which can be sent at a size expedited way. At CocoMurals we view mistakes as a learning opportunity and very rarely come across a problem that we cannot solve to work with you to create a backup.

However, we understand that there may be situations where a defective product has been received and the customer may want to get a refund. Our related department will be glad to organise this for you and organise for the murals/wallpapers collection to bring back to our production facility.

 Once the mural is received back, a full refund will be issued to your original method of payment within 10 days.

If a customer wants to return the product himself instead of using our collection service, the customer is responsibile for ensuring that the product is returned to us in a timely and acceptable condition. We strongly recommend that you use an insured and tracked service and no refund for any item lost in shipping upon return to us.

Please be careful when installing the mural or hiring someone to assist the installation. Absolutely, we cannot afford installation fees from third parties or take responsibility for installation errors. Since we cannot accept any cancellation fees if the product is not suitable for installation, the product should be checked for any possible defects before any third party is hired.